I plan to stride into my polling place at 7:00 AM, as the doors open.

*This way I can maximize my return on freebies handed out by patriotic merchants eager to bribe US citizens into exercising their hard-won rights. I love it. I’ll be picking up my plain tall coffee dressed as Uncle Sam. On stilts.

It’s a landslide victory! Obama gets 62% of the vote in World of Warcraft!

I guess it isn’t that surprising that a poll of game players might get results that reflect the real world vote, but the strange thing is that there were some game-associated differences. People playing the Horde side (undead, orcs, that sort of thing) were mostly for Obama, while those on the Alliance side (humans, elves, dwarves) gave more mixed results, with dwarves being the only group that favored McCain. 

Roy Brown: I am not and have never been a vegetarian

I am not and have never been a vegetarian,” Brown said. “I am disgusted by the baseless allegation that I am a vegetarian and that my personal eating habits should somehow be construed as opposed to the economic interests of Montana’s livestock industry.
[Billings Gazette]