Welcome to Chomsky’s Normal Floor..

..weakly equivalent to the K-Nearest Neighborhood

Actually, it has come to our attention that it is rather difficult for some to refer to our flat seeing as the name changes every month. And of course, what is there to say about the more elaborate names (i.e. the For-all-x flat during April) we’ve picked? How is one to keep up?

I assure you that we will take your opinions into consideration; however, we intend to continue amazing you with our geeky linguistic minds every month. So stay tuned, and get with it!

Lingbats in Cabins

I just wanted to explain the title of a previous post for those who are interested.

As my flat consists of several geeks, we all decided that we needed a really good name for our apartment. So one morning, Tobi put up on our front door a poster of some communist politician from Kerala with a yellow stickies post-it bubble bearing the title-of-the-month, and a footnote with the words:
*We share bread, milk, and revolutionary ideas.
There is some writing in Malayalam, but I like to think it is just an advertisment for dish soap.

Oktober: Welcome to the Lingbats Pad
November: Welcome to Uncle Noam’s Cabin

I will keep you posted for next month’s moniker.