It has been quite a while since my last post, but that I will promptly blame on Deutsche Telekom and their sorry management skills. Already into the later half of October and still no internet in the house: the minor annoyance is about to become a full-blown frontal assault by the beginning of next week. 5 students, 1 masters program, 0 login ability = catastrophe.

Still, the past two weeks have been incredible for me: in the space of five days, I have managed to overcome a minor existential crises and at the same time, justify the decisions I have made for my life in the past four years. I got a job (a *real* job), found a long-lost friend and made several more, and got a taste of the fascinating things to learn in the coming two years.

After the struggles and self-doubt, I realize now that I was not wrong to take that two year detour from my linguistic studies and that I really will be happy with this career decision for a long time to come. In fact, for once I do not feel as if I must hurry along my education in order to get where I want to be. I *am* at the point where I want to be. So now every moment that goes by feels rich with new ideas and time does not seem to pass by too fast.

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5 thoughts on “Milestones”

  1. It’s very nice to read that you are happy about your decision to study here. I am certain that you will have fun here for the months to come and I wish you good luck with your new job.

    Btw, I think 5 people in the same program makes it easier to handle the missing internet, since when one looks up the staff, he can tell the others without having everybody to checkout their whole stuff alone. That should encourage your sociability! ­čśë

  2. No internet = work more now, work less later ­čśë

    And kick Deutsche Telekom’s ass (and your landlady’s too, for the silly idea of ordering stuff in her name).

  3. Seems to be the same for everybody who’s studying abroad… I’ve heard about this crisis several times now and experienced it myself. It’s nice to read, that you survived it. Chin up!

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