4 thoughts on “Valentines Day”

  1. What can I say? I didn’t even know about it until I mentioned to John that I was feeling anxious and he attributed it to v-day worries.

  2. Worries about a day you are not aware of sounds pretty intuitive. You know, there are things like “female intuition” to explain such phenomenas…

    Anyway, what about staying with non-pararealistic circumstances such as the fact that you are writing exams these days. Or maybe there are really reasons to be anxious about.

  3. A girl from Japan told me that in Japan, it is only the girls who give presents to their boys on Valentine’s day . They, in turn, are supposed to give presents back to those girls one month later, i.e. March 14th (this coming Wednesday). That day is called “White Day”, because they originally gave back “white” sweets such as marshmallows or white chocolate.

    That made me think.. this means that the girls get to pick the boys.. but also that they have to think about whom to give presents. And whom not to give presents. So the pressure’s on them . But also the freedom to choose. When a boy likes a girl, I don’t know whether he can give chocolates to her even if she hasn’t given him chocolate first. Doubt it.. hm, let’s ask Akira ­čśë

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