Warming up the house

Last night we hosted a small house-warming party in our new, finally furnished, appartment. It was surprisingly tame (compared to the bashes thrown by my French room-mates), despite the amount of alcohol we consumed. Not to mention the shisha – which took a delightful tumble onto the kitchen floor at one point – and the haze of strawberry that left some more mellow than others. In fact, we managed to make it out with only one broken plate and not a single permanent stain from the orange-juice soaked confetti.

Still, partying in Germany, at least for me, was something of a trying task. For the first two hours, I sat around the table with at least ten Germans, most of which I am certain spoke fairly good English. It was almost amusing, really, how their loud and boisterous conversations would suddenly come to a grinding halt as they realized, “hmm, maybe we should say something to that American girl..”, then they would throw wild deer-in-the-headlight stares at each other, trying hard to think of how to say it in English. I was much relieved when Gesche arrived, whom I had met the night before, and who was much more at home speaking English. In the end, however, the alcohol began to settle in, they became much more relaxed, and I had quite a nice conversation with Andreas about gay men and the disabled workers gewerkschaft.

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3 thoughts on “Warming up the house”

  1. Sorry about the plate.
    I think I learnt my lesson, though: Never put pieces of smouldering coal on top of random things you can find in the kitchen.. (Not even if those things have supposedly been designed to withstand a fair amount of heat.)

  2. And sorry about the amount of alcohol we consumed. ­čśë
    I think I learne*d* (American English hurray! :P) my lesson too, even though I am wondering how many more times I’ve to learn that one. Too much alcohol doesn’t seem to be good for anyone.

  3. I’m mentioned! Wheehee ­čśë Well, it was a great party, thank you!
    Michi, you’re extremly right with what you wrote about alcohol… =D

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