Lingbats in Cabins

I just wanted to explain the title of a previous post for those who are interested.

As my flat consists of several geeks, we all decided that we needed a really good name for our apartment. So one morning, Tobi put up on our front door a poster of some communist politician from Kerala with a yellow stickies post-it bubble bearing the title-of-the-month, and a footnote with the words:
*We share bread, milk, and revolutionary ideas.
There is some writing in Malayalam, but I like to think it is just an advertisment for dish soap.

Oktober: Welcome to the Lingbats Pad
November: Welcome to Uncle Noam’s Cabin

I will keep you posted for next month’s moniker.

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3 thoughts on “Lingbats in Cabins”

  1. Someone pointed out that a better title would be: Welcome to Noam’s Arc
    As it was, I had to keep pointing out that it was “Cabin” not “Cottage”.

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