Digression into Loops

Her: “Hey, let’s play the reference game.”
Him: “Alright. You start.”
Her: “Car.”
Him: “Sequoia.”
Her: “Forest.”
Him: “Gump.”
Her: “Shrimp.”
Him: “Cocktail.”
Her: “Drink.”
Him: “Tea.”
Her: “Coffee.”
Him: “Java.”
Her: “Coffee.”
Him: “Java.”
Her: “Coffee.”
Him: “Java.”
Her: “Damn…”


Her: “A woman once had a child named Fred.”
Him: “He had a brother too, called Ned.”
Her: “Every night, she’d put them to bed.”
Him: One night, they slipped out instead.”
Her: “She yelled at them, be careful where you tread!”
Him: “They didn’t listen, but got out their sled.”
Her: “They didn’t come back home, to be fed.”
Him: “She feared they were dead.”
Her: “But they feared losing their street cred.”
Him: “They did not, you’re crazy in the head.”
Her: “Am not, that’s what she said!”
Him: “Did not, they went out to wed!”
Her: “They were brothers, and they’re dead!”
Him: “They’re not, you’re just misled!”
Her: “Am not, cause they’re dead!”
Him: “Are too, but I see that’s how you’re bred!”
Her: “I’m telling you, they’re not but dead!”
Him: “Damn…”


Her: “sudo kiss me!”
Him: “Password:”

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