Curieuse Guide to Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland

A collection of useful information for the skieur or skieuse wishing to spend a few days in the Swiss alps.

  1. Don’t eat the yellow snow.
  2. When taking the egg lift down to Le Châble, be sure to raise the window to avoid snowballs in your face, launched from the hooligans on the balconies below. At least until you get into the trees.
  3. Taking a tumble in the powder is the perfect time to sneak a snow angel.
  4. When ordering the plat du jour from a resto on the mountain or in the valley, ask your waiter for a “petit supplément” to get a small refill of your pasta bolognaise or poulet émincé. And use all of the parmesan cheese on your pasta; after all, it’s free calories.

Author: Lucello

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