Sunday Frühstück

Now that Spring is here, my favorite day of the week is Sunday. That’s because I have taken to frühstucking at the Nauwies café Sunday mornings, sitting in the sun, listening peacefully to the chirping of birds and the soft pat of yellow butterflies, sipping milchkaffee and enjoying my three euro French breakfast. Time just seems to stop while I am there, and the stress of the week just melts away.

It’s strange, but there are many things I do now that I have trouble getting myself to do in the US. Two weeks ago, a group of us rode our bikes along the Saar all the way into France, until we found a pretty river-side town and stopped for ice cream. The other night, Pierre threw a barbeque on the river, and we schwenked and talked on the grass till the wee hours of the morning. Soon, there will be salsa music at Potato Beach along the Saar, and there I will be too, dancing away under the stars.

I bought myself a road bike last Spring in California, and used to ride to school. It was 40 minute one-way and I loved it. But never could I feel that I had the leisure to take a day trip riding around somewhere just for the fun of it. There is always something you should be doing, never enough time to do it in.

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  1. I am really looking forward to more and more and more barbecues at the Staden! (hopefully next time I can stay longer than 20 minutes 😉 )

    Believe it or not, but the first time I went out for “Sunday frühstücking” was only a couple of weeks ago.. And I must admit that you really have a point there: even I enjoy it.. Who would have thought that I’d gladly get out of bed at half past nine just to have breakfast in town.. These are mircaculous times 😉

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