If I were a classifier, I’d be a maximum entropy model.

Most of the time, one tries to make decisions that result in the least amount of entropy and which are clear indicators of what the future might hold. Our experience is our data.

But then comes the paradox: better performance is gained by classifying only what you really know, and preserving the maximum amount of uncertainty about what you do not. Favoring the unpredictable. Admitting the outliers.

Coming to Germany was a result of this. Even the weather in Saarland tells me so. Just as in winter, the Saarland cannot seem to make up her mind about the season. One minute, she is sure it is summer, blasting us with a sultry sun. The next, it is certainly winter and she releases a tempestuous deluge. Both are short-lived. At least her conviction shows at these times and the periods of indecision are few. Gives me something to look forward to.

Author: Lucello

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